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11 Point Website Checklist

Do you think your website is up to scratch? Are you really happy with it? Are you sure that when you created your website it was awesome, but you’ve added so much to it that it might not be so clear now? Or are you the other way and haven’t touched it for years? Well, it’s time to find out how good your website is and how well you have been maintaining it by using our 11 point website checklist.

Go through the checklist and be really honest with the answers. If the answer is “no” to any of the questions then make sure you book in some time to get it sorted.

The Website Checklist

  1. When people first hit the home page on your website, is it clear what you do and how you can help them before they scroll?

  2. Can the main purpose of your website be completed within three clicks from the homepage (eg. “Buy Now” “Sign Up”)?

  3. Are all your buttons and links obviously buttons and links and easily clickable?

  4. Do you have testimonials throughout your website, especially on the home page and sales pages?

  5. Have you added new testimonials within the last three months?

  6. Have you added new content within the last month?

  7. Do the images on your website draw people in and really reflect your business?

  8. If you have a photo of you on your website, is that actually how you look now?

  9. Do you have eight menu items or less in your main navigation?

  10. Does your website look good and work on all screen sizes (computer, tablet and mobile)?

  11. If you have a blog, do all your blog posts link to at least one other page on your website?

Take Action Based on Your Website Checklist Answers

If you have answered “yes” to everything then you are awesome! Now all you have to do is keep it up and also keep sharing your website with people regularly. To make sure you don’t get complacent, perhaps check back in with this website checklist every so often to make sure you are staying on track.

If you have answered “no” to some of the questions then you need to make some changes so that your website is reflecting you or your business in the best way possible and so that it can generate more leads or sales.

Can’t Make Changes?

If one of the reasons you can’t do some of the things on the checklist is because your website platform is very limiting or because you don’t have the access to do that yourself on your website then I would suggest it’s time to start creating a new site. If this is the case The Website Blueprint that we created would be a good place to start or you could check out our website templates to see if they would be a good fit for you and you can also book in a demo call to see how we work and discuss what you need.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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