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Why We Love Websites and Helping People with Theirs

As a business owner or entrepreneur you will have a reason behind what you do, commonly referred to these days as “your why”. We find people tend to have two “whys”. The first is why they decided to go into business in the first place and the second is why they chose the type of business they did.

Our first why is because we wanted to be more flexible with our work when we started a family and actually wanted to see our children.

Our second why is because Chris loves design and he likes the types of design where you can keep tweaking and changing it easily. He changes his mind about things a lot. If you’ve known him for a while, you will have seen his many hair styles! It’s also why he’s never committed to getting a tattoo, there’s no undo buttons on those! Chris is also a bit geeky and so getting his head into a page of code is one of his happy places.

Websites works well for me to, because in every job I have ever done, communication has been key and all my jobs have centred around helping people.

That’s why we love websites.

It is so easy to communicate your message and your offer through a website. It isn’t set in stone, so as you and your business develop and grow you can amend your website to reflect that. A website, if done properly can make running your business easier, taking payments, taking bookings and answering frequently asked questions. The website helps people!

Most people who run a business help people in some way and we like you love it when we see the joy and the difference that help can make. We love seeing people’s social media posts telling everyone how excited they are that their new website is live. We love people sending us emails telling us that they have made their first sale through their website by making the change we suggested and we love it when people are so proud of themselves for actually creating their own site by following our tutorials when they always thought they were useless at that kind of thing.

That’s why we do what we do.

It’s why we think everyone should also love their website and spend time on it to make it do everything it should to help them and their business. But we understand that it can be daunting without the right advice, guidance and support, which is why we are going to be releasing our book, The Website Handbook soon.

We are so excited about it and have put so much into it and we can’t wait to help so many more small business owners and entrepreneurs experience the difference a website that works well for them and their ideal clients can make to their business.

If you would like to be on the waiting list so you are the first to hear when The Website Handbook is ready to buy, then you can join here.

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