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6 Fab Business Website Examples

When it comes to creating the perfect business website you need to start by planning it, creating great content and thinking about all the functionality it will need. Then it comes to the design part and this is where a lot of people struggle because they can’t visualise what they need or want, so here are six fab business website examples to help you get an idea of how you might like your website to look.

Our templates are great business website examples because each of these business website templates has been designed with the business niche in mind so that the design reflects that type of business and all the common functionality required for that type of business is included.

Business Website Examples

Below you can find a demo of each of our templates so you can actually have a look around each business website example and we have also linked to a real, live website using the template to show it actually in action!

Coach Website Example 

Whatever it is you coach people in, this is a great example of a coach website.

Check out the template demo here.

Shari Teigman’s website uses The Coach template and is a fab example of how you can take a template and really make it your own. Shari loves a bit of colour and she doesn’t shy away from it on her website!

Fitness Website Example

Whether you’re a personal trainer, gym owner, run a swim school or have a range of fitness classes on offer, this is a great fitness website example to look at.

Check out the template demo here.

Nemo Swimming uses The Fitness template really well. I absolutely love their website!

Speaker Website Example

As a speaker you need to showcase yourself in the best possible way and also make it easy for those who want to book you to get in touch. The Speaker template helps speakers do just that.

Check out the template demo here.

Diana Theodores has created a really great, bold and eye catching website with this template that gets across her personality and experience.

Entrepreneur Website Example

Entrepreneurs often have a lot going on. You may have a service, do some speaking appearances, have a podcast and perhaps a membership too. The Entrepreneur template allows you to tell the world about all of it.

Check out the template demo here.

JoJo Graham has all of the above going on and has created a beautiful website with The Entrepreneur template so you can find out about everything she has on offer with a really smooth user experience. 

Wellness Website Example

As a wellness practitioner you want to create a calm and beautiful experience for people when they find you on the web. The Wellness template does just this.

Check out the template demo here.

Jo Shearing aka The Healthologist has created a beautiful example of a wellness website using this template. Her website is calm and welcoming and also showcases her expertise to give her potential clients confidence that they’ve found the right person. 

Photographer Website Example

It’s all about the images for a photographer and the story that they tell and a great photography business website will allow those images to shine through. That’s what we kept in mind when we created The Photographer website template.

Check out the template demo here.

Amanda Clarke Photography has stuck very closely to this template for her website. We developed the template in partnership with her to ensure it was everything a photographer needs!

You can see more of our demos for other great business website examples here and if you are still at the planning stage of creating your website or you have a website that you know needs some help to make it as good as you would like it to be, then take a look at The Website Handbook to get you on track.

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