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Are You Working on Your Website?

We did a live on Facebook and Instagram last week, which we have also added to YouTube called 3 Tips to Make Sure You Actually Work on Your Website. This video seemed to really resonate with those who watched it because they knew they weren’t working on their website. I think we made them feel guilty, which wasn’t our intention but we are glad we made them think about it because it is so important to be working on your website.

Prioritise Working on Your Website

We understand that as small business owners or entrepreneurs you have so many priorities and often your website slips down the list. But I would like to challenge you to change your thoughts around your priorities and ask yourself these questions:

What would happen if you committed, trusted the process and went all in to create your perfect website that you’re proud to share, which attracts leads and makes sales?

The simple answer to this is your business will grow! You will find it easier to hit goals you’ve set yourself to grow your audience, client numbers or financial targets.

By investing time and money into your website you are going to want to make the most of it. You are going to be telling everyone about it. You’re going to create some great social media content from it. You are going to look so on the ball, confident and professional at networking when someone asks how to get in touch with you and you immediately give them your web address.

You will also want to keep it up to date and add content to it regularly. If you get that content right it will be really useful to your audience, they will talk about it and share it and essentially do your marketing for you and bring more new people to your website and because you’ve created a fantastic website those visitors will turn into leads, clients or customers.

An amazing website really can do wonders for your business!

How far would you go in the next 30 days if you knew all the steps to follow to plan your website, pick the right platform and tech, get your website looking amazing and being really clear on how to create amazing ongoing content and getting regular visitors to your website?

If you knew that, you would just go for it and put the work in. We have had the best experiences in our business when we have set ourselves a deadline and worked our socks off to get something done and achieved it.

We have worked with so many people who really have experienced some fantastic wins for their business once they have got their website sorted out, literally within days and we want everyone to experience that!

That’s why we wrote The Website Handbook, to give small business owners and entrepreneurs the right steps to follow to create a website that they are proud of and does all the right things to attract leads and make sales.

We had our first review on Amazon last week (5 stars!) and we couldn’t have been happier because we had hit the nail on the head:

 Must buy — so handy, so packed with value.

This handbook offers everything and more that you need to know about building a website and using it to make sales. It lays out each step so simply, which makes it super easy to get planning. As someone who is totally disorganised it offers the perfect step-by-step guide as to all of the elements I need to consider for my site. It offers some really great branding and sales funnel insights too, which is a huge plus. All of this value in just over 100 pages! If you’re like me and haven’t got the time or capacity to read through loads of complicated instructions then this book will be a life saver. It’s easy to skim and will come in handy for years to come.”

If you think The Website Handbook will help you move past the stage you are at where your website is on the back burner, you can take a look here. We would love to help you have the success others have had with their website.

So, we really do challenge you to work out what you need to work on, set yourself a deadline and keep yourself accountable in a way that works for you. Good luck!!

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