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Generating Leads and Passive Income Through Your Website

Do you get leads and passive income through your website when you aren’t working? That’s what a good website can and should be doing for your business.

Over the last couple of weeks we have taken a step back from the business. The first week was full of really bad news the second we were still processing and dealing with the knock on from the bad news as well as it being half term. In that time we weren’t active on social media, we did do a couple of calls and workshops that we had committed to because we didn’t want to let people down but apart from that we stopped putting ourselves out there.

Examples of How we Generate Leads and Make Passive Income Through our Website

In that time, new people still joined our email list through signing up for free downloads, by doing our plan picker or through buying a WordPress plugin we have for sale, which also generated some passive income. The Website Handbook, our new book, continued to make sales throughout this time and we had our recurring income from our membership model as well.

It’s easy for people to sign up to our email list because one of our free resources is highlighted on our home page and there is a clear menu item for the rest. We have a pop up about The Website Handbook at the side of every page of our website and our plugin page is linked to from WordPress and the MemberPress website meaning we have evergreen advertising going on there.

Now, don’t get us wrong. These things aren’t generating so much money we can put our feet up and not worry about doing anything in the business ever again. But it does mean for those times when we need to take some time off, our business isn’t going completely cold. Leads are coming in, email automations are in place and even if we can’t generate new content for our audience for a week, we have archives full of useful blog posts and videos for people to dip into and read and watch what’s useful for them.

We Can Help

So, if your website isn’t doing this for you, maybe take a look at our free 11 Point Checklist or grab a copy of The Website Handbook and start taking your website to the next level so that it works a bit harder for your business.

Also, you could come and join us in London for our official book launch event on 11th July, which includes input from three amazing speakers as well as ourselves to help you market your business more effectively. Get your ticket here for only £30!

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