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6 Style Tips to Help You Network Face to Face with Confidence

Guest Post by Sarah Sullivan, Personal Stylist

Over the past couple of years online networking has been the norm – we were able to log on at home and only had to think about getting dressed from the waist up in the comfort of our own homes! Now that the world has opened up again and we are able to meet and network in person you may not only be feeling nervous but also out of practice putting a suitable outfit together. Let me help! I’ve put together 6 style tips to help you dress up, show up and be confident at your next face to face networking event/meeting.

6 Style Tips

1 – Plan ahead

Avoid any last-minute stress on the day of the event by deciding on your outfit at least a few days beforehand. This means everything from the clothes to any accessories and even how you will wear your hair and make-up. Then you can hang it all up together at the front of your wardrobe ready to go. You will save yourself so much time – no more discarded piles of clothes on the bed or finding the top you thought you might wear at the bottom of the washing basket!

2 – Go smart casual

Although there may not be a dress code for a networking event I would always advise to go for a smart casual outfit and treating it like a work meeting. You want to appear professional yet approachable and make a good impression. Smart casual covers all the bases! A blazer is your friend and can smarten up your casual pieces (see outfit suggestions).

3 – Think about wearing some print or colour

It’s a fact that wearing colour makes us feel happier and adding some colour and/or print to your outfit will also ensure people will notice and remember you. Why not try a coloured blazer, shirt or jumper or a printed skirt, shirt, dress or trousers?

4 – Think about accessories

Iris Apfel said that accessories bring the ‘zest and zing’ to an outfit! Thinking about how you can add a few simple touches to your outfit will make such a difference and you’ll appear polished and professional. They can also be a great conversation starter! Go for classic jewellery such as a smart watch, a simple gold or silver chain/pendant necklace, stud or hoop earrings or why not try a statement necklace to jazz up a plain t shirt? Instead of a plain bag try a colourful one.

5 – Comfort is Key

Face to Face networking could involve being on your feet for quite long periods so make sure that your outfit is comfortable. Think about flat or block/low heels or smart trainers. Make sure your outfit isn’t too tight or fiddly – you don’t want to be constantly adjusting things when you are mid conversation. Have a quick look at the weather beforehand to make sure you won’t be too hot or cold. Its always good for your outfit to have a layer which you can remove if its warmer than expected!

6 – Easy outfit ideas

Finally, remember that everybody is in the same boat and feeling nervous about getting back to face to face networking but at least if you have your outfit sorted it will be one less thing to worry about and you can concentrate on forming those all-important new friendships and connections.

Simple outfit suggestions for face to face networking to put together from your wardrobe

Coloured blazer + T-shirt + smart jeans + flats/trainers (could replace blazer with a smart shirt worn open)

Summer dress + Blazer/cardigan +flats/trainers/sandals

Tailored shorts + shirt + smart flats

Smart trousers + T shirt/polo shirt + denim jacket

Jumpsuits – add simple accessories, midi skirts with tucked in shirts and smart jackets.

Sarah Sullivan is a personal stylist in Winchester offering in person and online style services for men and women such as wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping for special events or to update your wardrobe she can also help you make the most of the clothes you already have. Contact her for a free no obligation chat to find out how she could help you dress up show up and be confident.

If you are still networking online, Sarah has you covered there too in this guest post she wrote for us called 5 Tips to Help You Dress Up, Show Up and be Confident on Zoom.

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