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2 of Our Facebook Lives on Planning Your Website

Our 12 Day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge finished last week. If you’re disappointed that you have missed out, we can help ease that disappointment by sharing some of our tips for planning your website.

On our Facebook page we do a weekly Facebook Live on Mondays at 1.30pm (unless we are having the occasional week off – we all need a break from time to time). The first series we did was called Weekly Website Nuggets. We wanted to revisit the first two Facebook Lives we did in that series because they were all around the importance of planning your website which is something a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to over look. Many people want to dive straight into creating it which is a mistake because the best websites that make you stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal client are the ones that are well planned and considered.

Creating Your Sitemap and Wireframes

In this video we explain what a sitemap are wireframes are and how to create them so that you can plan the structure of your website.

All of our current freebies that we mention in the video can be found on our Freebies Page.

Creating Your Website Shopping List

In this video we talk about identifying and creating a list of design elements and functionality that you will want or need on your website.

In this video we mention our Get a Website That Works for you email challenge. We don’t actually run that challenge anymore because we run something better!! We now have our previously mentioned, 12 Day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge. This challenge will get you started on the right path to creating an amazing website and help you avoid common mistakes that people make when they don’t plan their site. You can sign up here to be on the waiting list for the next one that we will be running in the autumn.

We had such an amazing response to this challenge last month, here are just a couple of the responses we got from participants:

The 12 Day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge is a brilliant way to understand all the aspects needed in planning your website, with no obligation to use their services at the end of the Challenge. Chris and Jude cover all the necessary areas and more, providing comprehensive but easy-to-follow worksheets to guide you through the Challenge. A mixture of live ‘teach’ and responsive Q&A sessions with individual feedback to questions are both very supportive, and the Challenge is structured so you don’t lose momentum but gives enough time to get the tasks done . The duo’s engaging ‘double-act’ keeps the challenge light, fun and motivating. They give an overview of other website/membership platform options, and position theirs accordingly without a hard sell – great integrity. I was with Wix but I’m going with ReadySteady Websites. Would definitely recommend!


Great course. It really helped to break down each aspect of putting a website together into small achievable chunks. Everything was explained in simple terms. Although I have never had to design a website before I found each task was very achievable. Thank you so much for making everything clear.


If you have any questions or need any support around creating your website please get in touch and we will see how we can help!

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