12 day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge

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Most people underestimate how important the planning stage of creating a website is. It’s actually the most time-consuming bit of the process and if you follow this challenge you will get it done in just 12 days.

The process of working out your website structure and creating all of the content can seem overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start. It is often why people take so long to create their business website, even though they know it’s incredibly important to the success of their business. That is why we want to guide you through the process and help you get online.

At the end of these 12 days you will have everything ready to drop into a website template of your choice or hand over to a web designer to create your website, including:

Your website sitemap (structure)

Your website copy tailored to your ideal client

An idea of the layouts of your pages

Images for your website chosen or planned for a photographer

A shopping list of everything you need your website to do

A clear understanding of the steps you need to take at the end of the challenge to create your perfect website

The challenge will start on Monday 13th July and finish on Friday 24th July

The content will be delivered through videos and workbooks sent via email. The videos will also be posted in our Facebook group, set up especially for this challenge. A week before the challenge starts we will send details of how to join the Facebook group so that you can benefit from our Facebook lives, Q&As, accountability posts to keep you on track and support from others going through the challenge with you.

We are looking forward to working with you to kickstart your journey to getting a website that will make your business shine online!

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