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3 Reasons Why Investing Money in Your Membership Site Should be a No-Brainer!

Memberships are a big thing in the entrepreneurial world with Stu McLaren and others championing this way of working with people. So we speak to a lot of people who are planning on starting a membership but they are worried about investing money in their membership site. This always confuses us a bit. We understand it more when someone is launching a new business and they don’t want to invest too much money in a website because a new business can take a while to build, income can be slow at the start, driving traffic to a website and increasing search engine rankings can take time, so it can be a little while before someone sees a return on investment with a website. It does still need to be done, but we understand the hesitation in that situation. It shouldn’t be the same with a membership site though.

1. Your Costs are Covered

Assuming you are starting a membership at the right time in your business (see one of our previous blog posts, 3 Things You Should Do Before You Start a Membership Site) then it will be generating an income right from the start. If you value what you are delivering and your membership is priced correctly, you should be able to cover the monthly cost of a decent membership site with just two or three paying members. So your investment is covered straight away and you will quickly see a return on investment.

2. You Will Retain Members

Another thing to consider is that because people are paying to enter a membership site, they expect it to be good. So if you want those members that you have worked so hard to attract to stay around, you need to have a good quality membership site that looks professional and works well. Obviously your content needs to be spot on too, but even if you have amazing content, if it’s hard to find and the experience of getting to it is clunky, then your members are soon going to switch off and leave.

3. It Will Make Your Life Easier

A good quality membership site will be easier for you to use too. You want a membership site that is easy to add new content to, that you can batch content on and schedule it to release so you aren’t tied to doing it every week or month. It’s also worth looking into the future when you choose the right platform for your membership site and choose one that will allow you grow your membership with different membership tiers, if down the line you think you might want to add a “lite” version of your membership or a “VIP” tier. You might also have an idea for a course that you could include down the line and so the ability to add that functionality would be worth considering.

The reason we suggest you think about that at the start is because it really is worth investing in getting it right first time because it isn’t easy switching over a membership site down the line when there are playing members on there already. It is possible, but not easy.

Moving Forward

If you are thinking of building a membership site please make sure you invest in it because it really will be worth it, especially if you go for a method where you can spread the cost monthly because once your membership is thriving, which we are sure it will be, you won’t even notice those monthly payments going out!

To see if our membership templates would be the right fit for your membership, you can check out the templates and what they include on our Membership Sites page.

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