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10 Red Flags to Look Out For When Getting Someone to Create Your Website

Far too many people come to us with very similar stories. They were having their website built, that person charged them a lot of money and either they:

  1. built them a website that was very poor quality and then wouldn’t do anymore work on it without being paid more.
  2. got halfway through the website and now they have vanished.
  3. did actually deliver the website but it has gone done and they were hosting it and they own the domain name and they have vanished.

We hate hearing these stories and so we recorded this Facebook Live on our Facebook page a few weeks ago to give people guidance on what they should look out for when selecting the right person or team to work on their website.

We really encourage people to be in control of their website right from the start and understand how it was created, how to keep it up to date and well maintained and to own their domain name and have access details for their hosting so that they never get caught out. We also talk about this in our Everyone Should be in Control of Their Online Presence blog post.

If you are right at the start of the process of creating your website or you know you need a new website and this time you would like to be more in control of it, then our free 12 Day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge is the best place for you to start creating an amazing website which you will be in control of and will help you stand out above the competition .

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