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Everyone Should be in Control of Their Online Presence

In one of our previous blog posts, “Shout About Your Business with an Amazing Website” I spoke about the need for your website to be fabulous because it is your online sales person. It is out there representing you all the time. For it to be the best representation of you it needs to be kept up to date, fresh content needs to be added to it, it needs to reflect changes in your industry, testimonials should be recent and your portfolio of work added to regularly with new examples or case studies. The list could go on and on depending on the type of work that you do.

Be In Control of Your Own Website

The best way to do this is to be in control of your own website or a member of your actual team to have control of it. Far too many people get a website designed, they give the web designer the content to load onto it and then go, “Great, that’s that done” and forget about it. Then, when someone tells them their website is down they panic. They can’t get hold of the web designer they haven’t spoken to in three years and have no idea what to do next. They don’t know who it was hosted with or have any access details for the site and they aren’t even sure if they owned the domain name themselves. Suddenly all their business cards are wrong and are pointing to a website that doesn’t exist and they gave out at least 10 at a business event the week before. A situation we are unfortunately all too familiar with, when people come to us and ask us to fix it!

Sometimes we are able to be amazing web detectives. We track down the host, we manage to get enough proof to release a domain name but other times, unfortunately it’s a start from scratch situation.

We Give You a Paddle

With all of the websites that we design and build, whether they are bespoke or our “off-the-shelf” templates through Ready Steady Websites® we always give full training and ongoing support to ensure that our clients are fully in control of their websites. They can add their own content, they know who their hosting provider is, they own their own domain name even if we have supported them to purchase it. We are still there for support and we can even maintain the site if they pay for that service but they know how to do it too, so should anything terrible happen to us they aren’t left floating up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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