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Do You Love Your Business?

We have been in business for nearly 10 years (see our “Our Business Journey” blog post) and the thing that has really kept us interested in what we do is that we love it. I think it’s hard to keep a digital business going without truly having a passion for it. Our business constantly has to evolve because the sector is ever evolving. New technology is being released, new best practice and even legal requirements impact our work and people outside the sector are becoming more and more tech savvy and can do things themselves (or at least think they can just perhaps not to the same standards!).

Go Above and Beyond

To keep up with all of that we have to learn new things, offer different services, offer different ways of doing the same service to make it cheaper and more competitive. We have to put more focus on marketing because more and more businesses are popping up offering similar services. Doing all of this could be a real drag if we didn’t love what we do. We tend to go above and beyond when new things come into play.

When the new Cookie Policy came into effect, we didn’t wait for someone to create something that we could put on our own and our clients’ websites to tell them we use cookies, we built our own “CookieCuttr” plugin. We then thought, why just keep this for our clients and us? Let’s sell it and so we did and made a nice little side income from it for a few years.

When GDPR was set upon us we created our own GDPR compliant Privacy Policy generator again for us and our clients and then popped it online for others to use. And most recently, when Stu McLaren’s team launched Searchie, a tool to use on websites to be able to search audio and video content for certain terms, we created a plugin to make it easier for Searchie to be embedded into WordPress websites.

Go the Extra Mile

I think it’s fair to say we go the extra mile. We don’t hang around to see if someone will do something first, we don’t wait for it to become a problem before we get it sorted. Because we love what we do we are proactive and I think that’s important if you want your business to be a success and have longevity.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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