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How Are You Improving Your Business?

We really think that businesses should always be doing something to improve. Sometimes this might be big obvious changes that everyone is aware of. Sometimes it will be small subtle changes behind the scenes. However it is done, it should be done.


For some businesses improvement can be made by listening to their clients or customers and adding new services or products that they are requesting. Some businesses can improve customer service processes to provide a quicker response time. Most of the businesses we work with are improving their online presence so that their customers can buy or contact them more easily online or can receive a purely online service, which has obviously been important in 2020!

Benefit Your Clients or Customers

Whatever the improvement you make, it should ultimately benefit your clients or customers if you are planning for your business to have longevity. It doesn’t mean the changes won’t benefit you as well, the ones that benefit you both are the best changes to make. It makes sense that if you keep your customers or clients happy they will spend more money with you which probably means you will be happy. Either that means you have more profit or more money to reinvest, whichever your focus is.

Also, happy clients and customers mean you will get nice feedback and that always makes us happy. Sometimes that makes us happier than a greater financial gain. The power of gratitude is massive and is something to think about flowing the other way as well. A little thank you to your clients or customers can go a long way. Not in the form of a discount, which just really means they have to spend more money with you but perhaps a simple thank you note or a mention of their business on your social media, showing your appreciation for them using your service and giving them a bit of exposure too. Just doing these little things is a way of improving your business.

What We Are Doing

We love getting suggestions from our clients and members on how we could improve what we do. We have added two new elements to our membership site templates recently based on listening to our members. The first is our Experts Directory with dynamic filter and the second is our Simple Courses functionality. You can find out more about them on our Membership Sites page. What’s really brilliant, is by providing a better service to our clients we are helping them to provide a better service to theirs too!!

So, how are you improving your business?

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