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Why Getting Your Website Images Right is Important

We are often telling everyone how important images are on a website. You may have the most beautifully designed and well-functioning website, but put some awful stock photography on it and it will look uninspiring and cheap and that’s not the impression you want your website to give!

Stock Photography or Professional Shoot?

When we talk about using photos on your website, we always say if you can afford it then get professional photos taken. We realise this isn’t always possible and at the moment, while we are all stuck inside our homes, it’s even harder to make that work. But even though you might have to use stock photography initially, if you are hoping to get your website live quickly, it would be worth considering swapping your images out for professional photography down the line. If you do need to use stock photography for a while, use our guide to do it well.

Also, you could use this time to start having discussions with a photographer. Many branding photographers will start the process of working with you by getting to know you, having a discussion about your brand and your vision. They will put together a strategy or plan for the type of photos you need and the feel you are going for. All of this can be done via Zoom (or similar) so lockdown doesn’t need to stop you getting the ball rolling and once we are able to move freely again then you can get out and about and have your photos taken.

Meet Olivia from Shoot and Share

We have teamed up with Olivia at Shoot and Share to put together a Website and Photography package. Olivia is a photographer with years of experience and she really understands the need for you to have photos that truly represent you and your brand which work for the design of your website. Using her experience, Olivia will consider are whether you need a photo with you to one side to allow space for text on the other side. You may need some images of you going about your business and possibly take close ups of you holding equipment or relevant objects. She will ensure that all of these photos are consistent with your brand and have the same feel. Something you probably won’t get from stock photography.

Olivia is based in Hampshire but she will travel for shoots to other areas of the country. Our combined Website and Photography package is only £999 and includes everything from our Website Pro Plan as well as:

30 mins free consultation call (ZOOM)
Personalised strategy and pre-shoot planning meeting
Prep Pack full of tips and tricks to get you shoot-ready
Wardrobe guidance and prop selection
3 hour photo shoot
Multiple locations
Many outfit changes
30 professionally edited images
Online gallery & commercial use

If you are interested in this plan just get in touch and we will have a chat with you about where you are based and whether Olivia is able to travel to you.

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