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Our Half Price Offer is Coming to an End

We have had a half price offer running recently to help people out during a difficult time for small businesses. We initially said the offer would run until the end of April with a chance of it being extended. Unfortunately, because none of the third-party plugins have been reduced, that we use and pay for, to run Ready Steady Websites®, we won’t be able to extend our offer beyond the end of the month.

Can I buy if I’m not ready to get started?

If you were hoping to take us up on the offer but you aren’t ready to build your website or membership site yet or aren’t sure which template to use, then that isn’t a problem. You can join Ready Steady Websites® now and then when you are ready, select the right template for you and get started.

We have had a lot of people join Ready Steady Websites® over the last few weeks who have been really grateful that we have been able to help them out so we are really glad we have been able to help some people, even if we haven’t been able to do it for as long as we might have liked. We would also like to thank them for choosing us.

Please don’t feel pressured to buy.

We know our plans are fantastic value at full price. We know this because our members tell us. So if you aren’t able to buy now and come back to us in the future, you will still be getting great value for money and we don’t want you to feel pressured to buy now if the time isn’t right for you just because it’s cheaper.

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