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3 Ways to Make the Most of Guest Opportunities on Your Website

Guest opportunities are a great way to get yourself known by a new audience or a new group of people and a really good way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. These are also brilliant to use as extra content and as a way of helping your website visitors to trust you because you must be good if lots of other people are happy to involve you in their businesses.

These are three ways we recommend you make the most of guest opportunities on your website:

1. Have a “featured in” page on your website to showcase guest opportunities

Having a “featured in” page on your website works really well for a range of purposes. One way of using it is to pick three of four of these features to put on your home page and with a button to find out more which takes people through to the full page. This is an example of ours on our home page.

Example of featured in row on a home page

Showcasing these features on your home page really builds your authority and shows people view you as an expert in your field and also if you have been featured by someone more than once, it shows you do a really good job.

If you are featured by someone in a private environment such as within a paid membership or as part of a course, this is where you could use the term “recommended by” instead so people don’t expect to see a link to a specific feature.

2. Write a blog post about the guest opportunity

You could use your features in a couple of ways to create blog posts. This is a really great way of repurposing content and giving you an easy week of content creation.

One type of blog post you could write is one that gives a couple of paragraphs of introduction to the feature, whether it’s an interview or guest post and then links off to it.

Another blog post you could write is a summary of a few features you’ve done recently signposting your reader off to each of them. This is especially good if they have all covered a similar topic area but each provide something a bit different.

3. Ask for a testimonial from your feature host

Once you have written a guest post, given an interview or delivered a workshop, ask the host whether they would be happy to give you a testimonial. This could include why they asked you in the first place, how useful what you shared was, any feedback they’ve had from their audience on it.

This is another nice piece of content for your website but also another way of establishing you as an expert in your field and demonstrating to potential clients or customers that you really do know your stuff.

So, make sure you make the most of your valuable guest content and for more tips on creating ongoing content take a look at our book, The Website Handbook.

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