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How to Promote an Offer on Your Website in a Way That Won’t Annoy Your Website Visitors – 4 Top Tips

We are fast approaching the season of offers, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas bargains, New Year sales, I’m sure there are more! It can sometimes be hard to know how to promote an offer on your website in a way that won’t annoy your website visitor and chase them away.

It’s important to make your offer clear because for some of your website visitors it will be exactly what they want to see. If they are interested in your product and service, to be made aware they could get money off or something extra for free could make their day. But equally you don’t want to irritate people into leaving your website and never coming back if they are there for something else you do or if they aren’t at the buying stage.

So, here are our four top tips for how to promote an offer on your website in a way won’t annoy your website visitors:

1. Use a slide in pop up to promote and offer on your website

We use a slide in pop up a lot on our website and it works well for us. This kind of pop up is stuck to the side of the page, we prefer the right. It is less intrusive than a pop up that covers the middle of someone’s screen.

On larger screens it is possible to have the pop up there and still see the content on the website. If the website visitors isn’t interested it’s easy to close it with the cross in the corner and carry on browsing.

We set the pop up to appear once the website visitor has scrolled a decent amount down the page, so we aren’t annoying them by being in their face straight away and also we know they are actually interested because they are taking time to look at the website. Also, you never want a pop up to show straight away when someone comes to your website because that isn’t great for SEO (search engine optimisation).

An example of a slide in pop up to promote and offer on your website.
An example of a slide in pop up to promote an offer on your website.

2. Use an exit intent pop up to promote an offer on your website

An exit intent pop up will only appear when someone has moved their cursor back to the address bar or to close the browser window. These pop ups basically say, “Before you go, have you seen this?”

These are great because that person’s browsing time hasn’t been interrupted by you and if they accidentally move their cursor to that area of the screen, there is still a cross at the top to click to get rid of it if they aren’t interested and they can keep looking around.

This kind of pop up only works when someone is browsing your website on a computer, they don’t work on mobile devices. So it is worth checking your analytics to see the percentage breakdown of the devices people use to visit your website to decide whether this one is right for you.

You can see an example of an exit intent pop up on our Photographer website template.

3. Use the correct settings so they only get offered to once

If you use any type of pop up make sure you set it up so that if the website visitor clicks on the cross to close the pop up that it doesn’t show again during that time of them visiting the website.

That’s when pop ups getting very annoying when they reappear on each page

4. Use a fixed bar at the top of the page to promote an offer on your website

This is an immediate way of showing that you have an offer on so everyone will see, unlike the pop ups where people may miss them if they don’t scroll for long or are browsing on a mobile device. It’s also a non intrusive permanent reminder.

You can see an example of a fixed bar in the pictures below. In this example it is being used on a sales page but you can put any message you like in a bar like that and as your website visitor scrolls down the page it stays there but it doesn’t impact on how they see the rest of the content on your website.

With any of these methods of promoting an offer, you can link directly to a product, to a sign up page for them to fill in their email address in return for a voucher or to be notified when your offer starts, whatever method you want to use that you think will work best for your ideal client and business.

We hope your offer goes well!

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