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Are We a Green Web Company? 5 Ways We Are Working Positively for the Environment

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact of what they buy and the services they use on the environment and as a business and in our personal lives we are the same. It’s fantastic that this is becoming more important to people and with it being more present in people’s minds we are getting asked more and more whether we are a green web company. We are especially questioned about our web hosting and whether it’s an environmentally friendly option. So, we thought we would lay out everything we are doing to try and do our bit for the environment and be a more green web company.

Hosting on Servers Powered by Renewable Energy

When it comes to hosting our clients’ and members’ websites we want to ensure their websites load quickly and have a great up time percentage. There isn’t much point having a website if it loads like a steam train pulling away from a station and is always down. That isn’t doing your business any good so when it comes to hosting, those two things have to be a priority.

For that reason we use Cloudways for our hosting. Not only is the hosting fantastic but so is their service and support, which we value highly too. What makes them even better is that they use Digital Ocean for their servers, powered by Equinix (I know, it gets confusing and I’m trying to keep it simple!) and they use 100% renewable energy sources to power the servers that all of our sites sit on.

WordPress Has Quick Page Load Speeds

All of our websites are created on WordPress which is great for quick page loading speeds. This is important because it means less server power is used to serve up those pages when someone is browsing the website, meaning a WordPress website will be using less energy than websites created on some of the other platforms.

Emails Hosted on Google

We use Google to host our emails and we recommend it to anyone who asks us what they should use for their own email hosting. One of the positives of choosing Google is that they have been carbon neutral since 2007.

Our Office Power Comes from 100% Renewable Energy

Our energy provider is Bulb and 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources. We only have electric in office, including our heating and when we changed energy companies a while ago, finding one that was using renewable energy sources was important to us.

We Walk to Work

Ok, so our office is in our garden, but it does mean days go by when one of us or both of us doesn’t set foot in a vehicle. And before you wonder if we are working from a glorified shed with heat escaping from it constantly, our office is a wooden structure, but it is purpose built, well insulated and has proper double glazing so it stays nice and toasty.

What Else We Do to Try to be a Green Web Company

There are other things that we have tried to implement over the years. We are virtually paper free in our business and we rarely travel to meetings, which we did even before a world pandemic brought everyone on to Zoom.

In our lives in general we have cut down on our single plastic use and use more natural products. We recycle and include our children in that and we are conscious about the holidays we take and how we travel there.

We know we could do more. I think most people could. But if you are looking for a green web company or a web service that is working positively for the environment, we are trying and we are researching what else is out there that could make us even better.

If you would like to work with us, you can get in touch through our contact page or book in a demo here. We look forward to chatting!

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