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3 Reasons Why Brand Shouldn’t be Compromised

I believe strongly that you shouldn’t compromise your brand and I will tell you why but first let me give you some context as to why I wanted to write this blog post.

There are a lot of “done for you” services out there at the moment.

“We will create your lead magnet for you.”

“We will build your funnel pages for you.”

“Use our templates and everything you need to make money will be built in two days.”

This is great for some people who are letting these things stop them from launching or moving forward in their business but I was on a call last week and someone made the observation, “I feel like everything looks the same at the moment,” in reference to a lead magnet builder and then asked regarding the one that had been spoken about, “Can my brand be put on it?” The answer was, “To a certain extent”.

Now, I think that’s a problem and these are just three reasons why…

1. Your brand reflects you and your business

If your brand has been done well it should reflect what you do, it should appeal to your ideal client and it should be unique so that it stands out and when people see it they recognise it as being yours. If you start using a lead magnet that doesn’t look like this then it won’t attract the same people that you have been working hard to attract through your brand and if it looks like lots of other stuff that’s out there you will lose your uniqueness.

2. Brand consistency is key to getting sales

Effective branding makes you more visible, identifiable and memorable. It attracts attention and drives sales. You also get better margins, as your customers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies they know and trust.

Borg and Overström

When you are selling something you don’t want to give anyone any cause to question you. You want the experience to be smooth and seamless and when it gets to the point of asking for the sale you want them to feel confident that you are the person they want to buy this service or product from.

If someone has seen your socials, maybe they’ve met you on networking, they’ve got a good sense of who you are and your brand and then they get your lead magnet that doesn’t feel like you, then this plants the first seed of doubt in their mind. It is fine for someone else to create it if that’s not your strength but it still needs to feel strongly like your brand. If they then go through a funnel sequence that’s also off brand but then get offered a service at the end that’s back on brand then the confusion may stop them from buying.

3. People get bored of seeing the same thing over and over

When you operate in the online business world there is a lot of overlap. I see the same faces turning up in each Facebook group I’m in or across different online networking sessions so if lots of people are putting out lead magnets which look very similar or funnels which have a similar feel and message then people notice. They start to feel that those businesses aren’t as unique and possibly aren’t investing as much effort as they should be in their brand and sales which may make them consider working with someone else who stands out.

Brand is Important to Us

Brand and identity is hugely important to the way we work in Ready Steady Websites®. We make sure everyone’s brand is implemented to their brand guidelines on their website. We even make suggestions to improve people’s brand when it isn’t really working because we truly want people’s online side of their business to work for them.

If you want to ensure your brand is working well for you online, check out our free brand checklist download.

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