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Upcoming pricing changes for 1st April 2023

Can you believe Ready Steady Websites® has been going for over 4 years now and in that period we haven’t increased any of our prices?

We work really hard to keep our pricing levels at exceptional value and every year we review our pricing versus the services we are paying for that power Ready Steady Websites® like our customer web hosting, customer email hosting, the plugins that we pay for and use for our templates and the amount of time we spend supporting you with your sites. Doing this each year allows us to make sure we’re still providing great value whilst allowing growth in our business.

Some of the services that we pay for as part of RSW have increased during the last two years, whilst some have thankfully stayed the same but we have also noticed that support ticket volume and complexity, particularly on our membership templates, have increased over time.

So we’ve decided to increase some of our year 2 costs on some of our plans and we are shaking up our Mentoring Membership in the process.

We want you to know that we value you as members of Ready Steady Websites® and if you are currently on a plan of ours in year 1 or year 2 then you will not be affected by the upcoming pricing changes.

Ready Steady Websites® Membership Site plans

From 1st April 2023, we are increasing our year 2 price for our Membership Site plan from £29pm to £39pm.

We are also increasing our year 2 price for our Combo plan from £39pm to £49pm.

Our Lite and Pro plans are unaffected and will remain at £29pm on our year 2 plans.

As we said, this is only for brand new members of those plans, if you sign up on the 1st April ’23 or after this will be the new pricing. If you’re already a paying member currently within year 1 or you’re on a year 2 plan you will not see an increase in your monthly costs.

The Mentoring Membership

We are removing the “Choose what you pay” option of £9pm / £19pm / £29pm for The Mentoring Membership.

When we introduced this option, the hope was that we could help as many people as possible get the best out of their websites by making it low price, we thought we were doing the right thing. What actually happened was we had an influx of new members who got a free copy of The Website Handbook, but attended no calls, replied to no emails and took no part in our FB community… then left after a month. We saw this pattern repeated each time we pushed the membership either on email or workshops.

This was our fault, we wanted to help so we made the price low, but the price was so low that members didn’t feel the need to turn up and make progress, the £9pm was not enough for them to commit to make progress. It wasn’t a priority.

The members who stayed past month one onwards and have committed to turning up to the calls and taking part are the ones who have got the most out of this membership.

We have both spent many months thinking about how we could do this better and reviewing the amount of work we put into The Mentoring Membership like all our courses included, additional tutorials and guest spots. We even send out a free physical copy of The Website Handbook and yes we ship these all over the world… we’ve sent them as far as New York and Australia!

We also run two live calls a month, one for Q&A and one for co-working and then there’s everything else we don’t mention that takes up our time: answering questions on email, Instagram and Facebook and in the FB group plus the admin involved in helping people upgrade/downgrade and general payment issues like chasing failed transactions that come with any membership. It’s a lot and we love it (well maybe not the failed transactions bit)… but £9pm is too low for all that value. We also plan to grow the effort we spend monthly in the membership over time which, will depend on what our lovely members think we should do next :)

So with all that in mind, as of 1st April 2023 The Mentoring Membership will go up to £49pm. Again, this does not affect current members, if you’re already paying £9pm / £19pm / £29pm then that will not change… unless you cancel your membership and come back at a later date, then it will be £49pm when you come back.

As we always say, we appreciate our members and we always want to provide the best support and guidance possible across our plans and our mentoring. These new prices will help us do that.

Any questions, you know where we are on email, IG and FB!

If you’re reading this thinking… “I better sign up to The Mentoring Membership now while it’s only 9 quid” then you can join now here.

If you’re thinking… “I want a membership site and I want to be on the current pricing” then you can join now here.

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