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Being Unique in Business

We mentioned in our last blog post that it’s important for your website to be unique, just like you and your business, but how do you get that uniqueness across? And how do you find that uniqueness in the first place?


In business lots of people talk about their USP or Unique Selling Point. In theory, to stand out from the rest, every business should have one. I’d argue that many don’t really. They do the same thing that lots of other businesses do, they just state that they do it better, so I suppose, being better is their USP. Or it might be that they have been doing it for longer and claim experience is important in their line of work, so that’s their USP. These things can be reflected in their brand. For the example of the business who does it better they might have “award winning” in their strapline or the business that has been around longer might have “Established in 1923” under their logo. However small the USP might be it adds to the uniqueness of that business, which can be highlighted on their website, making it stand out a bit more. But I think identifying more special ways in which you stand out, make for more genuine USPs and make you even more… unique.

Why We Are Special

For us, with Ready Steady Websites®, we had identified a gap in the market. By filling this gap we automatically had our USP. There are a lot of people out there who design beautiful and bespoke WordPress websites but they aren’t cheap. There are a lots of people out there who say they design bespoke WordPress websites, which are a bit cheaper, but are still over priced because they aren’t actually bespoke and they are using an off-the-shelf inexpensive theme. Then there are the really cheap themes that need a fair bit of WordPress knowhow to use them or really cheap services that set you up with a predesigned WordPress website but they (and I have to be honest here) tend to look really cheap.

So, there was a gap in the market for predesigned WordPress websites, that were designed in a way a bespoke website would be, tailored to different business niches, that looked beautiful, were easy for the WordPress novice to use, with some support and hand holding and had a much lower price tag than a bespoke website would. That’s a lot of USPs. Which in some ways is hard for us to focus on for out marketing, but equally, looks great when someone views the whole package.

The Wonder of WordPress

On top of our own USPs we can also piggyback onto WordPress’ USPs. We all know that SquareSpace, Wix and the like, let you build websites and have templates for different business niches now, but what you end up with can be a bit mixed and, ultimately, they aren’t on WordPress. We don’t think you can beat WordPress for future proofing. Businesses change, they evolve and your WordPress website can easily do that alongside your business. There are WordPress plugins for virtually everything. Plugins are the code that let you add a different functionality to your website, eg. an online shop, a calendar booking system, a members area and so on. If you want to do something that nobody has considered before and you need a bespoke plugin, well that’s easy on WordPress too because it is so highly considered in the web world there is no shortage of WordPress developers out there and they will be able to do their coding magic and build the plugin you need.

Share Your USP With the World

With all of these things combined, we have found our little niche in the website world. So, what’s the equivalent in your area of business? Is there a gap in the market that you feel hasn’t quite been filled yet? If so, and you are now filling it, make sure you get your uniqueness across to your potential customers in everything you do and especially on your website because when they stumble across your site you want them to see that they have landed in the right place.

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