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How We Build Trust in Our Business

If people don’t trust you or your business, then it won’t be a success. I truly believe that. You might have a flurry of business, perhaps when it’s new and exciting or when you put an unbelievably good offer out there but unless you really deliver and build up trust with your customers or clients then your business will ultimately fail. Unfortunately, we have seen this over our time in business. We’ve seen people across a number of professions, who looked amazing from the outside, but they just didn’t deliver and meet the expectations of their clients. They didn’t give value for money. Sometimes this was down to just taking on too much, sometimes it was down to naivety of what the clients’ expectations would be and sometimes it was down to just poor execution. Whatever the reason though, they didn’t deliver and they lost trust. Without that trust they didn’t get return business, they didn’t get referrals or natural word of mouth publicity and worst of all, in one case they got publicly called out for their bad service which, in this world of social media, businesses just can’t afford.

Consistent Hard Work

I almost started this next paragraph by saying we’ve been lucky and always had the trust of our clients, but it wasn’t luck. It was hard work, both in building relationships and in delivering to the high standards we set ourselves every time. We get a high percentage of our clients through recommendations because our current clients trust us. Not only to deliver the project but to be there for them going forwards. By nurturing our clients we build that trust more and more.

With our Ready Steady Websites® service we don’t just get our clients setup with a website and wave them off with a smile, they become our members for at least a year or longer if they want. They have access to all of our training videos and tutorials so that if they want to make changes to their website or need help keeping it up to date, they can check with the training if they have forgotten anything. They can also submit support tickets knowing that we will respond to them quickly so their website continues to look great and work smoothly. This means a great experience for them and their customers. They can also get help or advice in the members’ Facebook Group. Because our support is ongoing, the trust naturally builds and we receive lovely testimonials and recommendations and then new customers.

Warm Fuzzies

I think it’s important for all businesses to have a framework in place that provides ongoing support and builds trust. It may seem like a lot of work to some but it’s worth it. It’s a natural way of growing your business and increasing your income. It would be lovely if we could live on the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from each 5-star recommendation on Facebook but fuzzy feelings don’t pay bills!

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