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3 Non Tech Related Steps to Make Creating Your Business Website Easier

We still speak to a lot of people who don’t have a business website. They are relying on social media or word of mouth but know their business could be doing so much better if they got themselves a really good online presence that they owned and are in control of. They also feel really embarrassed whenever anyone asks if they have a website because they feel like they look less professional when they say no.

If this sounds like you we would love you to follow these three steps to make creating your business website easier.

1. Change Your Mindset

Now we are certainly not mindset coaches but more often than not we realise mindset is one of the big things stopping people from getting started on their business website or once they have started, from getting it live.

We hear people saying things like,

“It feels scary that everyone will see my website” or “I’m worried I’ll get too much work from a website”.

Firstly, when you put your website live at first nobody is going to see it. That’s the reality. Google isn’t going to find it just like that and only the people you tell about it will see it so you can be selective at first about who you share it with and build up in confidence. Then once those people have told you how awesome it is your confidence to share it and put it out there will grow.

Secondly, you are in control of how much work you take on and as I said above you’re unlikely to get a flurry straight away. But if you start getting more enquiries perhaps you could pass on work to someone else and get a finders fee. Perhaps you could bring someone in to help you. These are very nice problems to have and ones you should feel really proud of when you get there.

Another solution is niching down your offer so you only take on the work you really like doing rather than everything that comes your way as many of us find ourselves doing in the early days of business to bring the money in. Just choosing and doing the work you really love leads to a happier business – which is an awesome thing that a business website can do for you.

2. Keep it Simple and Accept the Imperfect

Another thing that we are aware stops people from getting their business website out there is that they’re trying to do it all right from the start. They want all the pages and all the functionality to be perfect. But to start off with just get something out there. Even a really good one page website is better than no website.

Your business website will never be finished, there will always be new offers to add, a new testimonial you want to include, some photos you want to change because you’ve had your hair cut. So don’t wait for the day that’s never going to come to get it done.

3. Ask for Help to Create You Business Website

If you are trying to do it yourself and your lack of time or expertise is the thing stopping you from getting a website out there then ask for help. Find a service that will do your website for you, reach out to a VA to give you a hand or get a copywriter involved if that’s the bit that’s holding you up.

Yes, this may come at an expense, but a business website should be an investment. If you use it well it will bring in more work and you’ll see a return on your investment and sometimes it’s worth accepting that what you have half created by yourself isn’t ever going to be good enough and start again with a platform that’s going to make things easier for you and is going to create an amazing website.

We want to help as many people as possible have a good quality website that help them bring in more leads and sales while keeping it simple. So if you need a hand, reach out to us. We have a number of free resources and you can join our website mentoring membership and or use our templates – we can help at whatever level you need to make that step to getting your website out there.

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