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3 Ways to Stop Getting Overwhelmed by Website Tasks

We are a couple of months in to running our Ready Steady Websites® Mentoring Membership and we have realised that one of the reasons people stall in getting their website online or when trying to improve their website is because they are getting overwhelmed by website tasks.

It may be that writing their copy seems like a massive, time consuming task or understanding their website platform is just too much to even contemplate. It could be they just don’t feel like they’re good enough to put themselves out into the world and the idea that everyone out there could see them gets too much. If you are thinking these things or similar, then stop for a moment and read these three ways to stop getting overwhelmed.

1.     Break Your Tasks Down into Little Actions

Let’s take the example of writing your website copy. Now this might be a big task as a whole, especially if you have lots of web pages, but if you break it down you will find yourself making progress in small but significant steps and you’ll achieve the overall task through this steady progress.

Start by focusing on one page of your website at a time. Then, focusing on that page, jot down a list of bullet points of the actions you would like people to take on that page and the key messages you want to get across.

Once you have made this bullet point list consider the sections of text you will need to get these messages across and write headings for each of these sections. Then write a short paragraph to go under each heading. If you don’t like writing you could dictate a paragraph for each section into an app like otter.ai or another notes app.

Once you’ve done that you’ve got a first draft of your homepage copy. Then start again with your about page using the same method and repeat for each page.

Now, I’ve used writing website copy as an example here because it’s something we know people get stuck on the most but any task can be broken down into smaller tasks. For each task sit down with a notebook and write down each action you need to take to do the task well and make your way through the actions.

2.     Choose Tech with Simple Tutorials and Support and Actually Use Them

If you know that tech overwhelms you then make sure you choose a platform or a service to create your website that comes with tutorials so you can learn how to use the platform and also make sure you choose one which offers a good level of support. This way you will have a holding hand.

This next bit may sound silly, but actually use those tutorials and the support that’s on offer. We hear of people who sign up to platforms, then they stumble around trying to work the page builder out themselves without even looking at a tutorial and then they don’t like to ask for help because they don’t want to look silly.

This is why we created our Ready Steady Websites® Success Pathway for our members to follow. This pathway takes people through the key tutorials to watch before they even get started and then suggests other tutorials to watch and we also make it clear to our members to ask for help and not to suffer in silence!

If you really hate the tech go for an option where someone will create your website for you or an option where you have personalised support so you are talking to the same person every time.

3.     Don’t Even Think About Being on Show to the Whole World

It wasn’t until I was on a recent networking call, when I was chatting to people about why they hadn’t got their website’s live, that I considered that the fear of the whole world being able to see someone’s website was what was stopping them from creating one. Unless you are already a megastar your website isn’t going to be seen by many people to start with.

When you put your first website live nobody will see it until you send them there. There won’t be an influx of millions of visitors. That’s just not how the web works. Obviously over time once you’ve had a website for a while Google and the other search engines (which do still exist!) will start to index it and then people will start to find it if they’re typing the right thing in. But the amount of people visiting your website will grow gradually over time.

To start with you can share it with people you feel comfortable seeing it. Perhaps even ask for feedback. Then when you are happy, share it with bigger groups and the more you share it the more comfortable you will feel and it will be a gradual growth. So don’t let sudden global exposure be the factor that stops you getting your website out there.

If You Use Our Resources You Will Stop Getting Overwhelmed

If you would like more support with getting your website out there or improving it then we are running our free 12 Day Perfectly Planned Website Challenge again in November and we will also be opening the doors to our Mentoring Membership at the end of November where we give training, support, guidance and accountability to help you get over your website overwhelm whatever platform you are using to create your website, you don’t have to be using our templates. You can sign up for the challenge now and get yourself on the waiting list for the Mentoring Membership.

Or you could get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like some guidance.

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