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Getting Your Branding Right so it Works on Your Website

Many people are adapting their services so that they can deliver them online through a website or membership site, so it’s really important that they get their branding right so it works on their website.


Why Getting Your Website Images Right is Important

We are often telling everyone how important images are on a website. You may have the most beautifully designed and well-functioning website, but put some awful stock photography on it and it will look uninspiring and cheap and that’s not the impression you want your website to give!


Our Half Price Offer is Coming to an End

We have had a half price offer running recently to help people out during a difficult time for small businesses.


Our Evergreen Brand and Website Masterclass Webinar

Are you just starting out and need to create a brand and website? Have you got a brand and website but you’re not sure they’re really doing anything for your business? Well, I think we have a webinar that is perfect for you – our Brand and Website Masterclass Webinar. We have delivered similar masterclasses…


Common Website Problems

Whenever I meet someone at a networking event, the first thing I do before following up with them via email is to check out their website. This isn’t because I might find us some work if they don’t have one or it’s terrible, I do it because it’s a way of finding out a bit…


Why You Should Invest in Your Business Even if Budgets are Tight

A business will only grow if you invest in it. You need to invest time. You need to invest effort and sometimes it is a good idea to invest money. There will be times when you might not need to invest money. You can put in a lot of time and effort into social media…


Everyone Should be in Control of Their Online Presence

In one of our previous blog posts, “Shout About Your Business with an Amazing Website” I spoke about the need for your website to be fabulous because it is your online sales person. It is out there representing you all the time. For it to be the best representation of you it needs to be…


Do You Love Your Business?

We have been in business for nearly 10 years (see our “Our Business Journey” blog post) and the thing that has really kept us interested in what we do is that we love it. I think it’s hard to keep a digital business going without truly having a passion for it. Our business constantly has…


17 Fantastic Offers to Help Your Business Adapt in a Changing World

You don’t need me to tell you that things are a little bit up in the air at the moment. Due to the spread of Covid-19, wherever you are I’m sure you are experiencing changes in the way you are having to live your day to day lives or are aware that big change is…


50% Off All Our Website and Membership Site Prices to Support Small Businesses

We are hearing at networking meetings and seeing in Facebook groups that many people are considering ways they can work on their business if things get quiet due to the impact of Covid-19. Many of the comments are around working on their online presence including creating a new website. We use Loom, the video recording…