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The Importance of Being Reactive in Business

We believe it is very important to be able to be reactive in business. Now I’m not talking about “shiny object syndrome” or jumping on the next business bandwagon that comes along to fad central. I mean being able to respond to genuine client needs or adapt to external changes.

2020 and 2021 has made being reactive in business key.

I don’t want to make this a post about Covid 19 but during 2020 and 2021 businesses have been tested a lot. The ones that have continued to thrive were those that already operated in the online world or who could transition there quickly or the businesses that provided a need or a want that the pandemic created, such as garden office suppliers and hot tub companies!

It has been the ability to be reactive that has helped many of these companies, but it doesn’t take a world disaster to create a need to react.

Smaller news-worthy situations or industry changes and developments can impact on businesses. Being able to show that you are on top of things like this and you are responding to them in the best way possible is key. Also, showing that you have your clients’ interests at the heart of everything you are doing and being able to react to their needs too is important in business.

How to react.

A lot of the time the best way to demonstrate that you are on top of things is through your website, which is why we are always banging on to people about how important it is that you are in control of it.

Putting out blog posts is a really easy way to show people what you are doing in your business and how you are reacting to situations.

If your services or your way of working are being impacted by something and they have to change, then being able to make an update to your services page is important.

If you have to close for a while then a simple, eye catching banner across your homepage will convey this easily.

If you don’t have control over your website and can’t implement these things easily yourself then it makes being reactive that little bit harder.

And being reactive doesn’t always have to be when things are going wrong.

You might have been given a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with someone that you want to share or given a last minute speaking gig at an event or virtual event and you’d like to enable people to access tickets through your website. If time is of the essence, then having to wait on someone else to do it for you is frustrating and could ultimately stop you from being able to do it on time.

Be in control of your website.

If you website is managed by someone else, it would be worth chatting to your web person and asking whether it is possible for you to have some training to be able to make updates yourself. If it’s not possible we would strongly recommend taking this as a sign that it might be worth getting a new website soon.

We need to take back control where we can!!

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