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5 Ways to Achieve Your 2021 Goals.

There isn’t long left in 2020 so now is a good time to start planning and preparing so that you achieve your 2021 goals. If your business struggled in 2020, hopefully you are more determined than even to see it succeed in 2021. If your business was what everyone needed this year and started to take off, you need to stay focused to maintain that momentum. In this blog post I am going to give you some tips on how to do this and also share with you some things that are happening at the start of next year that will help give your 2021 the kickstart it needs.

1. Review 2020

We find that reviewing the past year is the best way to start planning for the next year. When doing this ask yourself the following questions:

  • What goals did I achieve?
  • What went well?
  • What did I do that made those things happen?
  • Which goals didn’t I quite hit and why was that?
  • Is there anything I can change that would make a difference for next year?

Really focus in on the actions you took that meant you achieved your goals and the things that are in your control where goals weren’t met. In your planning for 2021 do more of what you did that worked and plan in the changes that you have identified you need to make where things didn’t go as well.

2. Set overarching 2021 goals then break them down

Set a few big goals that you would like to achieve, such as gain 100 more members or sign one new client per month. Then break this down into key actions.

Goal: Gain 100 new members.

Action: Run four free challenges – aim for 200 participants on each challenge.

Action: Run an end of challenge offer for three days afterwards giving 10% off and a bonus call – aim to convert 25 new members from each challenge.

3. Write a list of tasks for each action

Once you have an outline of the year like above then you need to break it down further, we like to use a month per page planner for this. Consider all the tasks that you need to do for each action.

Continuing with the example above you need to create a landing page for people to sign up to the challenge and a ‘thank you” page, both of which should be ready about four weeks before, you need to write the email sequence for the emails people will get once they have signed up and schedule them, you might want to run Facebook ads, so you need to plan in time to write the copy and select the images four weeks before the challenge starts. Then you need to start running the ads three weeks before. Two weeks before you need to make sure you have a clear plan for your training input during the challenge.

The list goes on and it seems like a lot. If you didn’t take time to plan it out and write down exactly when each of these things needs doing it would be a mess but if you take time to plan it in advance, giving yourself the time you need to do it, then it is achievable and you are much more likely to hit those overarching goals!!

4. Stay accountable

It’s well known that not all plans lead to goals being achieved. Planning it isn’t enough. You have to really want to do it and be committed to it. Sometimes it helps to have someone to hold you accountable. This could be a mentor, coach or accountability partner. It could be members of a networking or business group that you’re in. Whoever it is, it needs to be someone who really gets it, who is going to really support you.

I have signed up to be part of a challenge in January to help me start 2021 as I plan to go on. I think it’s easy to be a bit slow starting in January and I am hoping that this challenge is going to give me the drive I need to make it our best January ever. The aim of the challenge is for us to collectively make £1million. The amount of money doesn’t really matter. It’s the thought that we have a collective goal, that we don’t want to let each other down that is going to drive us forward. If you are interested in taking part you can find out more here.

Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link but we aren’t earning from it. Part of the small fee for joining the challenge is going to charity and I have waved my commission and asked it be given to the same charity. It is a charity I know from my Youth Work days does fantastic work, so I am keen to support them. This challenge is just for female entrepreneurs and business owners I’m afraid, because that is the focus of the work Trudy, who is running it, does. You will need to sign up for this soon so don’t delay in checking it out!

5. Get support to achieve your 2021 goals

You may need further support to achieve your goals, this may be in the form of extra people to help with the workload, or training where you identify you have a knowledge gap. Make sure you identify this as you plan so that you can reach out and get this support. Don’t try and do it all yourself if it’s unrealistic because that is a big factor in people not reaching their potential.

We want to offer you some support and help you kickstart your 2021 too and so we will also be running a challenge from 18th to 22nd January to help you get your website in shape to give you more chance of achieving your business goals.

It is our 567 Website Challenge – 5 days, 6 actions, £7 to increase your website leads. Even though it doesn’t start for over a month, we got very excited about this and already have everything ready so you can find out more and sign up now!!

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