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4 Tips for Summer Content Creation

A lot of people wind down over the summer and aren’t focusing as much on their business and it can be hard to know whether it’s still worth putting content out there and what content to create. This is why we have put this post together to help you with your summer content.

Even if you think it isn’t worth creating summer content for your website or email newsletters because nobody will be reading it, it is. Not everyone is a parent of younger children, so they won’t be taking August off – why go on holiday when it’s busy and expensive?! Also, if you have an international audience, it’s not summer for everyone. Equally, some people may love what you create so much they want to read it while chilling by the pool or on the beach.

But, having said this, to make life easier for you if you would like a break, you can approach your content differently and here are our top tips for summer content.

1. Batch your summer content

If you are taking time off in August then block out a day or two to batch and schedule your content before you switch off. If you are on a decent website platform then scheduling blog posts is really easy. It’s the same for email newsletters as well. So, make the most of this functionality. You can keep nurturing your audience and providing great value without even being there.

2. Don’t try and create as much content

It’s OK not to try and do it all all of the time. Over the summer we won’t be doing live videos, mainly because there will be times when we away in our camper van and we can’t trust the internet situation when we are in the back of beyond. You don’t need to stress of fighting with the tech when you aren’t in control of it, so plan to do less then you won’t let people down.

3. Repurpose content during the summer

Instead of going live, we will be suggesting some videos from the archives for people to watch on our YouTube channel instead. You might want to do the same and signpost people to past blog posts that are still relevant or podcast interviews from the archives. If you’ve got great content out there make the most of it and share it more than once.

4. Use fun, simple summer content

If you have decided that repurposing content is the way to go but you’re also conscious you should be adding to your website regularly for SEO purposes then you could add some fun, simple summer content. Maybe change some of the photos to give your website a summer vibe for a couple of months and tell people to check out the photos. Or you could change your contact page letting people know you’re taking some time off with new shorter times you are available and maybe include some summer puns to brighten up their day in this new copy.

One Final Summer Content Creation Thought

If your blog posts and emails aren’t as long as usual then that’s OK. If there isn’t as much going on and you don’t have as much to talk about then don’t just waffle for the sake of it. Quick, useful and easy to digest content is what people want and need.

Have a wonderful summer. You can find more guidance on creating ongoing content for your website and email newsletters in The Website Handbook.

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