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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

by Debz from Get Virtual Assistance

The way we use the internet is constantly changing and over recent years people have certainly become more aware of social media. Most businesses now recognise that a presence on social media is essential, and even if they all approach this differently – they do so in a way that matches with their branding and business tone. That said, social media has not replaced websites and we firmly believe that a well-designed, easy to use website is vital for any business that wants to succeed long term.

Let’s Talk Blogging

It is important that whatever type of website you chose to go down, it matches your brand and serves the need your customers will have. Blogging can be the perfect supplement to this but many people still fail to see why they are so important and what a vital part of your website they are.

There are many ways to use a blog – to interact with your customers, to promote new products, build your branding or simply for Search Engine Optimisation. The most successful websites use blogging for a mixture of these and we would recommend that you do the same.

Keeping Customers Up To Date

Customers like to know that a brand is present and will be able to be contacted if they need to. A blog is a fantastic way of keeping your website relevant and showing your customers that you’re still around. This really does give people confidence in your brand, especially those that are new to your services and haven’t used you before.

Get People To Trust You

If people are going to use your brand, they need to trust you and what you’re offering. Putting yourself out there as a knowledgeable resource helps to tick these boxes. Think about what you can write about surrounding your product/services. Ensure that whatever you write is accurate and up to date. People will start to trust your brand and share information with others, knowing that they can rely on you to provide the right information- great for building brand awareness.

Google Loves It

If you want to be found on Google then Search Engine Optimisation is definitely something you should be considering. You might need an expert to help you with SEO, but a big part of getting Google to love your website is to ensure it offers fresh content. A blog shows Google that you’re working to provide relevant news and this will help your rankings increase.

Getting Started

The good news is that blogging doesn’t need to be tough. You can write about so many different topics surrounding your products and services. Help guides, personal stories, case studies, user information and much more can all be built into a blog post. We thoroughly recommend looking at blogging as a ‘must-have’ for any website you’re considering creating.

Debz from Get Virtual Assistance is a self-described Customer Service Enthusiast – loving all elements of content writing, admin and talking to customers. With many years’ experience, she really knows what she’s talking about what it comes to ensuring customers can find your business & are happy they have done so!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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