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3 Things You Should be Doing in Business Now and 1 Thing You Shouldn’t

Running a business feels hard right now for a lot of people. Clients want to cut back on their outgoings so they’re reducing the services they’re using from you or are dropping them all together. It feels harder to get the sale when talking to new potential clients and you’re starting to wonder whether it would be easier to do something else. And you know what, it probably would be easier right now but I’m pretty sure you’d regret it down the line if you actually made that decision.

I strongly believe that there are things you should be doing in business now but I’m going to start with the thing you shouldn’t be doing…

Now is not the time to give up on your website.

Definitely don’t give up on your website. Don’t switch to a cheaper host with poorer page speeds to save money. Don’t make it the thing you stop nurturing because you need to pick up some work in addition to your business for financial security. Certainly don’t ditch it completely. Marketing is what you should be focusing on when your business isn’t going as well as it was and your website should be at the centre of all your marketing efforts. The place you send everyone to. So make it a priority.

The Things You Should be Doing in Business Now

Now is the time to get your business message on point.

If ever there is a time to make sure you are getting across why people should be investing in what you do and why you specifically are the person for them to invest in, it is now. Maybe before when people felt happier about spending money they’d give your business a go without being totally convinced now they need to know they are spending wisely so make sure they know they are.

Now is the time to be clear on what you want your website to achieve and create clear calls to action to do this.

When people are feeling unsure about taking the step to invest, even in something that will benefit their business, they make any excuse possible not to do it even if it’s something they really should be doing. So don’t let your website be one of their excuses because they couldn’t find what they wanted. Make it so clear on there what it is they need to do to buy or work with you. Make it impossible for them not to take action but do it in a supportive way so they feel encouraged not forced into the decision. (No instant or incessant pop ups!)

Now is the time to invest in your website to make sure your business stands out above the competition.

If you know your website really isn’t doing a great job of marketing you then please do something about it. Whether that’s investing in a website review or some guidance to help you make changes or whether that’s accepting that you need to start from scratch, then do what you need to to sort it out. Sorting it out may mean spending money but it’s money that will bring in new business, by not spending you will stop yourself from earning money and that’s definitely not the way you want to go.

So please make now the time to take action and get help if you need it, to do all of the above well. Now is the time to put yourself out there and make your business work!

We have an online workshop coming up to help you understand the simple things you should be doing on your website to make it work harder for your business and bring in those much needed leads and sales. Also, if starting from scratch really is the best option for you then make sure you register to be the first to hear about the offers we are going to be running for Black Friday this year.

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