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3 Really Useful Articles to Help You with Your Online Business

Chris and I are always trying to stay on top of useful information that’s out there which is relevant to websites, membership sites and online business in general. We do this to keep ourselves in the loop but also to help you, our members and our clients.

Each week we put together an email digest for The VA Thing, one of our other projects and it made me think it would be great to put together a mini digest for you. So here is that mini digest of three really useful articles to help you with your online business.

Ultimate Guide to Rules for Using Stock Photos in Your Online Business

As you may know, when it comes to using photos on your website we always recommend, if you can, that you get professional photos taken, whether that’s having a product photography shoot or a branding photography shoot. We also know that this isn’t always possible and in that case, stock photography is a good option.

We have a free guide called Top 10 Recommendations for Free Images, to help people find the best free stock photography options out there. In that guide we tell you to check the licensing rules for the stock photos you like before you use them. Not all stock photos can be used everywhere.

Recently we have discovered an article by Amon Stuck, Ultimate Guide to Rules for Using Stock Photos and he goes into much more detail about stock photo licensing and ensuring you don’t fall foul of any of the rules. So, if you are using or are considering using stock photography, then it’s definitely worth a read.

Using Cursive (Script) Fonts Well in Your Online Business

Now, if you love a floaty script font then this blog post is a must for you to read. It does go into a bit of designer detail towards the end but on the whole it’s useful for everyone. Especially if you are the kind of person who gets carried away on Canva or on your website with cursive fonts, stop and read this advice.

Cursive fonts can look really effective but only if used well, which is exactly what Mariah Althoff tells you in her blog post, 5 Tips for Using Cursive Fonts in Your Designs.

Get Your Branding Right

I’m going to end with a blog post I wrote as a guest blogger for yUXer. It kind of follows on from the article above, in that people think once they have a Canva account they have it sorted and can create a swirly brand and it will all look lovely.

That may be the case. It might look lovely, but will it work in all the eventualities you need a brand to work in? Well, take a look at my post Get Your Branding Right so it Works on Your Website and find out.

Share Your Articles and Posts

We hope you have found all of these articles useful and if you have come across some articles or blog posts recently or even written one, that you think would help other people with their online business then please share them in the comments below.

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