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£100 off any of our upfront plans for any of Catherine's listeners and half price website reviews!

In her financial shoes podcast cover artwork

I'd like a template for...

a Website

£699 Upfront

£599 Upfront

a Membership Site

£799 Upfront

£699 Upfront

Both (save £499)

£999 Upfront

£899 Upfront

The upfront fee is all you'll pay for Year 1. We'll automatically put you on to our £29 a month plan (£39pm if you're on our "Both" plan) at month 13 so you don't lose access to the membership website, FB group, and private support tickets. You can cancel your membership from the membership website at any point from month 12 onwards.

Check out the templates

What do I get?

FREE WEBSITE HOSTING for as long as you're a member!

Your pick of ONE of our WordPress membership site or website templates (Obviously if you've bought both you get one of each)

A test website set up on our test server with demo content within 48 hours (Mon - Fri)

If you provide your logo, colours and fonts we'll load these for you onto your test website

If you provide your sitemap we will set your website up with the right pages (If you're on the Website Plan)

Access to our membership website for all the "how to" tutorials you'll need

Website Planning Worksheet (If you're on the Website Plan)

Content Mapping Worksheet (If you're on the Website Plan)

"Key page layouts" templates: Which we continue to add to!

Full WooCommerce (eCommerce) support (If you're on the Website Plan)

Google fonts built in along with the ability to upload your own custom fonts and Adobe fonts

Pre-designed rows for layouts within your pages

Access to our Members Only Facebook Group

Your email system connected for you (MailChimp, Active Campaign, Converkit etc.) if you need help

Your payment system connected for you (Stripe or PayPal) if you need help

Help setting up your domain and web hosting

We'll put your website live for you, when you're ready

GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy template (worth £29)

Private Support Tickets for as long as you're a member

What don't I get?

Branding – The Ready Steady Websites® templates show off our branding skills but you don’t get a logo or any branding as part of your purchase. We can offer you one of our branding packages if you require it.

Content – The Ready Steady Websites demos show you how your website could look. We provide demo content and images but we don't provide images or content to be used on your actual website or load your content or images for you. Our worksheets provide you with guidance on how to plan and write your content and where to find images. The tutorials on the membership website will help you put your content on to your website.

Free domain name – We will help you choose and buy a domain name if needed but this will be at an additional cost through a third party.

Email hosting – We can recommend somewhere good to host your emails, but it is not a service we provide.

Ready to get going?

Not quite sure yet?


If we were to work with you one-to-one in our agency, a website with the amount of design time and functionality we have put in to our RSW templates would cost you around £5,000 per template. Not to mention the additional plugins we've included in the template cost, which if purchased separately, would cost upwards of £1,000 per year. Plus access to our tutorials and the unlimited help in our Facebook Group and via private support tickets. It's a really good deal!

All templates are designed and built by Chris Wharton of 2nd Floor. Chris has been working as a designer and web developer for 16 years and has been using WordPress for twelve of those. 2nd Floor specialises in custom WordPress website builds and we’ve worked with massive corporate companies, successful entrepreneurs, small businesses and coaches across a range of different business disciplines.

Over the years we’ve sold Commercial WordPress themes to over 7,000 people and created bespoke websites and membership websites for our customers.

Ready Steady Websites® has been designed and built for people who want a beautiful agency designed website, without the price tag whilst still having access to professionals who are experienced and know what they are doing.

What you get with each plan is exactly the same. We've structured our pricing to suit your needs, whether that is upfront to save money, or monthly to spread the cost evenly over the year - it's up to you. You still get access to the membership website, Facebook Group, theme and plugin updates and unlimited private support tickets.

No, this service is built on the self-hosted platform. You will need a web hosting account.

Yes we do, if you're not happy with your purchase we'll refund you in full within 14 days of your first payment date. You will lose access to your test website and if we've put the website live for you, we'll uninstall our template from live too. Please check out our Terms of Service for all the details.

Yes, for as long as you are a paying member of Ready Steady Websites® we provide an active licence key for MemberPress. That alone is a saving of $349 a year!

We have specifically designed these templates for anyone who is creating a brand new membership website. If that's you then it's nice and easy to set up so go ahead and join!

If you already have an existing membership site with active members but you love our templates and you're running MemberPress, then get in contact. We can help you integrate our templates onto your membership site, but we need to take a look first before you join Ready Steady Websites as this is a bit more technical to implement.

The monthly membership has a minimum of 12 months. At month 12 you'll have the option to cancel your membership entirely or switch to our Year 2 plan at £29 per month (£39pm if you're on our "Both" plan). If you do cancel you'll lose access to the membership website, FB group and private support tickets. Your website will still be 100% functional though. You'll still receive plugin and theme updates, unless you are on our membership package(s) where you'll need to purchase your own copy of the MemberPress WordPress plugin due to the way their licensing works.

Your website will be fully operational still. However, you will lose access to the Ready Steady Websites Membership website, the Facebook Group and Ready Steady Websites® support. You'll still receive plugin and theme updates, unless you are on our membership package(s) where you'll need to purchase your own copy of the MemberPress WordPress plugin due to the way their licensing works.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT. The tax you pay depends on your country in relation to UK VAT and VAT MOSS laws. For example if you're in Switzerland or the United States you won't be charged VAT.

You'll see a confirmation of what you are paying on the 2nd step of the joining process before you enter your card details.

Everything you'd want to. Page layouts are completely in your control, you can do hundreds of different layouts, effects and you have full control over colours, backgrounds, images, text sizing. If you get stuck, we're always available in the FB group or on support.

Yes you have full control over all the images you use and can upload new ones. The page layouts for our templates are there to give you something simple to work from, you can swap out all images and content, delete elements, rearrange elements. You can even create your own new layouts.

No, we do not load your content and images for you. That job is for you.

If you provide your logo, colours, fonts and sitemap when you fill out our "Get to know you" form then you will get a cloned version of the demo website with all of the demo content and images but your website will be branded to you with your provided logo, colours and fonts.

If you send us a sitemap we'll provide your website on our test server with all of the pages you asked for pre-loaded with a "best guess" page layout that we think will best match the pages. The page layouts from your chosen demo will be used.

If you would like us to build the whole website for you, we do offer a separate service and can provide you a quote on an individual basis.

Yes, you can add as many pages as you like, the templates and page layouts are there to help you visualise how your website will look as well as make it easy for you to just switch out the content and images yourself.

You can create as many new pages as you want and you can choose to load a pre-defined layout or create a page entirely from scratch if you like. The Page Builder is very powerful.

Yes, you can load your own videos via the Page Builder. Wherever possible we'd recommend using something like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia to host the videos and then simply add those as embedded videos onto the website. It will make pages load faster and provide a better user experience for your customers across different devices.

Ready Steady Websites® membership comes with ONE template for ONE website. If you want more than one template for more than one website, all you need to do is purchase more templates from within the membership website. There is a discounted one-off fee for each new template but we don't keep increasing your monthly membership cost.

No you don't have to have one to get started, but you'll need one before you go live.

We don't offer free domain names but we will help you choose and buy a domain name if needed. You'll need to buy your domain name and this will be at an additional cost through a third party.

No you don't have to have web hosting to get started, but you'll need to have web hosting before you go live.

We offer free website hosting for as long as you're a paying member. Alternatively, we can put the website live on your web hosting if you already have it.

If you stop paying in year two but are already web hosting with us and want to stay, you'll need to move to our hosting only plan which starts at £10 + VAT pm.

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome on Mac or Windows. The latest major version of Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge are all supported in terms of using the Page Builder to create layouts. iOS and mobile devices are not suited to using the Page Builder.

The websites themselves will work on all modern browsers and devices.

We're excited, are you?

Website Review Service

£99 49

Not sure if your website is resonating with your target audience? Worried about your design? Concerned about website performance?

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Here's what you'll get...

A video walkthrough of our review of your website

Action points to target your audience

Action points to increase conversions

Tips to improve your design

Tips to improve web and mobile performance

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