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Buy our course to get started on the right path to creating a website that will stand out above your competition.

Most people underestimate how important the planning stage of creating a website is, which is why we have created this course.

The process of working out your website structure and creating all of the content can seem overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start. It is often why people take so long to create their business website, even though they know it’s incredibly important to the success of their business. That is why we want to guide you through the process and help you get online.

By the end of the course you will have everything ready to drop into a website template of your choice or hand over to a web designer to create your website, including:

Your website sitemap (structure)

Your website copy tailored to your ideal client

An idea of the layouts of your pages

Images for your website chosen or planned for a photographer

A shopping list of everything you need your website to do

A clear understanding of the steps you need to take at the end of the course to create your perfect website

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The course is delivered via video tutorials and workbooks containing guidance and tasks for you to complete. In total you get almost 1.5 hours of video content, five workbooks and a handout to accompany the final teach. We recommend you give it your all to get the most out of it and if you do, at the end you will be ready to create an amazing website for your business that will help you bring in leads and up your game.

A bit more info...

We have had our own business in the web industry for over 10 years and Chris has been in the world of web for 20 years in total. Before starting a web design company with Chris, Jude had a 10 year career in education and training. It is our combined experience that we bring to our courses so that you can grow your business and achieve great things.

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s hard to put a price on the knowledge and understanding for creating the solid foundations for an amazing website. Many people have told us to sell this course for £149 plus but we want to make it accessible to people at all stages of business, especially if you are starting out and creating your first website. It’s important to get it right first time so that you aren’t investing time and effort more than once in your website, or if this isn’t the first time you are trying to get your website right, let us help you make it the last time! We are selling the course for only £99. Click on the button below and buy it now!

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What are people saying about the course?

“Completing this course has given me a structured plan which I fully understand and I believe that this knowledge will now enable me to portray my business in it's very best light. I thoroughly recommend it and Chris and Jude at Ready Steady Websites® for their professional expertise and personal attention. So glad I found you!”

Jayne Saunderson

“Great course. It really helped to break down each aspect of putting a website together into small achievable chunks. Everything was explained in simple terms. Although I have never had to design a website before I found each task was very achievable. Thank you so much for making everything clear.”

Sara Woodie

“Chris and Jude have such a wide variety of expertise, it's not just technical, they really understand how to help you make your website work for you and stand out from the crowd.”

Carly Campbell


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