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The Website Shame to Website Fame Programme

Our 6 week programme to help you create a website that will make you shine online

Are you...

  • About to start creating a website for your business but don't know where to start?
  • Stuck in a rut with your current website, not knowing what direction to take to get it done?
  • Hiding your website because you're too ashamed to show it to anyone?

Do you want to be...

  • Organised and looked after when you're creating your website?
  • Shown the way of how to create a website that will sell your services?
  • Shouting about your wonderful website and making sales in your sleep?

cart closes 28th sept @ 9pm BST

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We've helped to build thousands of websites

Yes thousands of blooming websites! Through private 1:1 custom jobs in our agency, selling WordPress themes on various marketplaces and most recently we've helped hundreds of people go online and set up their websites and membership sites with our easy to follow process and platform: Ready Steady Websites® .

This is what's different about our programme

  • This isn't a course where you have to learn a load of stuff you'll never do.
  • This isn't a DIY framework where you have to set up the tech elements yourself.
  • This is a structured process, run live every week by us, Chris and Jude.
  • We take you through 6 phases over 6 weeks.
  • We provide the know-how on the tech.
  • We help with anything website related.
  • You get a Ready Steady Websites® website as part of the programme.
  • You get all the support you need to apply your brand, create your content and put your website together.
  • We deal with all the usual tech headaches: integrating an email system, integrating a payment system.

If that wasn't enough...

  • We've got 20+ years experience of building websites and brands.
  • We've got 20+ years experience of delivering training.
  • We've helped our customers and clients make thousands of pounds through their websites, hundreds of thousands for some.
  • We have a tried and tested platform with Ready Steady Websites® running on the world's most popular content management system: WordPress.
  • We've built hundreds of sales pages for ourselves and clients.
  • We're big on brand, not only do we create branding and logos, we've worked with some of the biggest brands out there! Coutts Bank, RBS, IKEA, Aston Martin to name a few.
  • We've built multiple online businesses and websites taking them from nothing to six figure recurring revenue.
  • We understand business and websites, content strategy and marketing.

What do you get?

Our 6 Week Live Programme

Worth £3,000

We'll be with you every step of the way and we'll use our 6 step, 6 week process to get you from website shame to having a website online that you are truly proud of and one that you know how to edit!

This isn't a cookie cutter approach, this is a plan to follow with individual help.

We'll be running weekly live sessions to explain and assist, making sure you stay on track and know what you're doing.

A Ready Steady Websites® website

Worth £699

As part of the programme we'll gift you one year on our Website Pro plan. You can choose from any of our 14 templates as your core template but you'll be able to mix and match from hundreds of layouts across all of our templates. It's a tried and tested "website in a box solution" with the ability to grow with your business into the future.

We have a membership site full of amazing tutorials, a FB group and private support tickets.

Access to our Mentoring Membership

Worth £294

Once you're live we'll gift you 6 months for free in our Mentoring Membership. This membership is designed to help you once you've gone live with your website. Keeping you inspired, accountable and giving you focus to keep making the best out of your website.

We have a wealth of extra tutorials, courses and two monthly calls: one ask us anything and one co-working session to keep you going.


Free web hosting included for one year

As part of our Website Pro plan you'll get one year free web hosting on our network. High quality hosting with daily backups and fast page speeds.

Free email hosting included for one year

As part of our Website Pro plan, you can get up to 3 email mailboxes to match your domain name.

Ability to upgrade your programme

You'll be able to upgrade to the Combo plan (if you also need a membership site) or add on our branding package, if you need a branding refresh, at the checkout.

In year two onwards it's only £29pm to continue getting access to our tutorials, support, hosting and emails. Or just web hosting for £11pm. Our Combo plan is £49pm.

Here's how the programme will work

Each week comes with a live session from us to go through the week ahead. We'll answer questions on this call and make sure everyone knows what they're doing.

Orientation Week (2nd October)

Getting set up on our system

This week is the chance for us to talk you through the various elements of how the programme will run along with getting you set up with your Ready Steady Websites® plan account and answering any initial questions.

Week One (9th October)

Ideal Customer + Brand + Securing your domain.

This week is all about getting you familiar with your ideal customer, making sure your brand is on point and if you haven't got one yet... helping you buy your domain name.

We'll also discuss which of our templates will be right for you and be setting this up for you in the background.

Week Two (16th October)

Creating your Sitemap + Holding Page + Email System setup.

This week we will set up your website holding page for you and support you to set up your email system so you have a nice clean online presence which starts building your email list and signposts people to get in touch with you. 

We will also support you to plan your website structure which is an important first step in creating your full website.

Week Three (23rd October)

Content writing + images.

This week we will guide you through how to write your content and choose the right types of images.

You'll have worksheets from us to kick start your ideas.

Week Four (30th October)

Creating your website.

This week is all about loading those images and content into your chosen Ready Steady Websites® template.

You'll use our wonderful tutorials to help you load in all of your content to your Ready Steady Websites® site on our test server, but we'll be on hand if you get stuck.

Week Five (6th November)

Testing + connecting tech.

We're big on testing here at RSW. We'll take you through our process for testing and help you connect any tech you need, for example your payment or email systems.

Week Six (13th November)

Going live.

We'll put your website live for you. We deal with all the technical details like DNS and finalising any payment systems.

If you're not ready to go live by this stage, don't worry. We won't disappear at week 6, we'll be there to help you push through the final hurdles and go live at a time that suits you. BUT... if you follow the process and stay on track you can do this in six weeks!

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Here's what people say about us...

Catherine Morgan

“The team are brilliant! I have used the beautifully designed and well thought through templates for my new websites and they are a delight! Easy to use and flexible features. They have been so supportive always happy to answer questions. Highly recommend.” Catherine Morgan
Money Expert

Gwen Warren

“You'll be getting a high-end, outstandingly professional site for a fraction of the price if it was built from scratch with an unrivalled level of customer support. Knowing the team are there to help when I got stuck gave me enormous peace of mind.”Gwen Warren
Business Fit

Anna Parker-Naples

“I wanted something that was simple to use that allowed me to customise later on. I was impressed at how quickly the site was ready for me and my team to upload imagery, videos and text. The whole site took around 4 days. I highly recommend working with them.” Anna Parker-Naples
Podcast Launch Expert

Tom Morley

“I'm dreaming surely. This sense of ease, these comprehensive templates, their amazingly fast and understanding replies to my online questions... this is just the honeymoon right? Wrong. This dream goes on and on. ” Tom Morley
Rockstar Activator

Andy Ayim MBE

“Superb customer service and care. The RSW team go above and beyond through easy to follow tutorials and hands on support (quickly) on Facebook or through support tickets. I felt like they were an extended part of my team and would recommend them to anyone starting a new membership site” Andy Ayim MBE
Angel Investing School

Diana Theodores

“Their website creation process, generous and upbeat tutorials,  hugely helpful planning resources all make for a creative and wonderfully managed experience which could otherwise be stressful or feel compromised.”Diana Theodores
Presence & Performance Specialist

Tayo Salami

“The experience has been seamless. Also, knowing I had the support of other people going on a similar journey, gave me the confidence to plough ahead. I am glad to be getting agency quality support without the huge fees!” Tayo Salami
Business Coach

Becky Barnes

“I’d previously helped a client of mine build a website through Ready Steady Websites®. I found the process so easy and the results so impactful that I knew I had to rebuild my blog using one of their templates. I have been so impressed with every element of the process!” Becky Barnes
Blogger & Model

Carli-Louan Foster

“I can't recommend them highly enough, it has been such an easy process to work on my website and I'm so pleased with the end result. The accountability in the Facebook group was really helpful too for giving me the much needed push to get things finished.” Carli-Louan Foster
Stress Coach

Rebecca Oxenham

“The whole experience was totally painless. As a Marketing person I have worked with many website companies in my time so this is something I have really appreciated. As a small business owner I don't part with my money easily but I am really pleased I took the plunge. ” Rebecca Oxenham
Little Green Marketing Company

Martha Blessing

“Working with Ready Steady Websites® was a phenomenal experience. I had some knowledge already but the templates are pretty easy, and they went above and beyond what I have ever received from any website company. This was THE best experience I've had. SUPER knowledgeable with so many platforms to help integrate your business.” Martha Blessing
Author, Spiritual Channel & Energy Intuitive

Jo Shearing

“The template and use of the page builder is straight forward, if you can see it in your minds eye then you can create it. I didn’t find any limitations in fact I found it made me more creative.” Jo Shearing
The Healthologist

Join the Programme

cart closes 28th sept @ 9pm BST

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Frequently Asked Questions

The programme will be available to join on 21st September 2023. The programme itself has an Orientation week which will begin on 2nd October. The main programme then runs from 9th October 2023 for 6 weeks.

It is good to be there live as we can answer questions then and there. However, we will be recording the sessions and you will have access to these via a dedicated programme page on our membership site.

For life-time of the programme or business, whichever is longer.

You'll need a working laptop/computer to build your website on.

You will also have PDF workbooks and worksheets to work from which we'll provide each week when appropriate so you have a reference for the lives.

No you don't, all our dedicated training and support for this programme will run over the 6 weeks. After that you'll still have access to our support for anything website related via our support help desk, FB group and membership site.

But... if you follow the process and stay on track you can do this in six weeks!

We will refund your payment in full if you change your mind before "Week One" of the programme, so long as we have had no input on your website or business to this point. However, if you have been in contact with us and we have assisted you within this time we will deem this as having started the programme with us, at which point no refund will be granted.

You have to use the Ready Steady Websites® website that we provide as part of this programme. It is the only way we'll be able to take a group of you through our process, on a common platform that you're all on. We do this to minimise stress and time spent looking at other website systems.

If you have your website elsewhere and want to discuss moving it over to Ready Steady Websites®, please get in touch so we can discuss specifics.

No, we do not load your content and images for you. This is something you do yourself during week four, using our amazing tutorials and support tickets if you need further help.

As part of the programme you get our Website Pro plan. If you provide your logo, colours, fonts and sitemap when you fill out our "Get to know you" form then you will get a website that will be branded to you with your provided logo, colours and fonts. As well as all of the pages you asked for on your sitemap pre-loaded with a "best guess" page layout that we think will best match the pages taken from one of our pre-designed layouts.

The programme is designed to take you through a structured process over a 6 week period. You'll have access to us every single week for those 6 weeks (7 if you include the orientation week) on weekly live calls to keep you motivated, accountable and guided through your journey. We'll be available on email for any questions you have (not just tech questions). We'll be able to help with strategy, reviewing your brand, helping you buy your domain name, talk you through our recommended email marketing system. We'll also set you up with a holding page which we will build and put live for you if you want one.

Most importantly the programme is there to get you unstuck and moving.

The Website Pro plan does not come with those live sessions and additional help. It doesn't come with our 6 phase process. We do provide worksheets and tutorials plus a success pathway, we have some automated reminders but ultimately we do not hold your hand through a process, its all self guided.

Admittedly, our Website Pro plan is amazing and you get a lot more with it compared to other comparable services out there, its very human centric and you're looked after but this programme's intention is to get you live within 6 weeks. Get you out of procrastination mode and give you a clear path.


One whole year of web hosting is included as part of the programme cost as we're gifting our Website Pro plan (usually £699 for year one) for free. On orientation week we provide a code for our Website Pro plan, when you join the plan you get one year of web hosting and up to 3 email mailboxes included. Then in year 2 it's £29pm onwards for web hosting, email mailboxes, support and access to our membership site to access our tutorials.
At 12 months you'll also have the option to drop down to web hosting only if you'd prefer for £11pm. On hosting only, you do lose access to our membership site, our support tickets and email mailboxes. Most people just stick on £29pm as its a no brainer for all the support you get.

As part of the programme, in week one, we assess your brand and make sure it will work on your new website. Any brand changes would then be down to you to decide whether to implement our suggestions.

However, if you'd like us to design your branding for you, you can purchase the branding package upgrade during the checkout stage.

There are more details on this, below in the "How does your branding package upgrade work?" FAQ.

If you add on our branding package during the checkout, we'll contact you separately to set up a call to discuss your business, your brand and then design you a logo, brand guidelines and some starter social assets. We usually charge £2,500 + VAT for this so it is a fantastic deal at £999 inc VAT.

The brand package includes:

  • Logo and typeface.
  • Brand Colour palette.
  • Brand selected fonts.
  • Full Brand Guidelines.
  • Social media banners for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • Example social media posts for FB, IG, LinkedIn.
  • Example FB / IG ad designs.
  • Business card design (if required).
  • All logo files provided in vector format for sending off to printers etc.

You get our Website Pro plan as part of this programme, but if you also want a membership site to run alongside your website you can do that too, just upgrade at the checkout.

Please note this programme only supports you on the website creation part but you'll get lots of support from us in our usual Ready Steady Websites® membership to create your membership site.

Yes, of course, you can book in a call with us by clicking here. You can also give us a call on 0330 043 3008 or WhatsApp us instead.

Yes of course there's a discount for you. If you're already on a RSW website plan, then we have already emailed you with more info, but you can also email us now if you want to on hello@readysteadywebsites.com if you have additional questions.