Build Your Website in a Day Workshops for £199

How cool would it be to have your website built in a day?!

Have you been trying to get your website done for a while but haven't quite got there?

Well if this sounds good, then join Ready Steady Websites on our Website Pro, Membership Site or Combo plan and then sign up to one of our workshops to build your website in a day. The day focuses on a single website so if you're on our combo plan you'll need to pick your website or your membership site to work on.

Book in for one of our workshops where you get to spend the day with us in-person helping you get everything in place, asking questions and getting hands on help to get your website finished in a day.

If you've already started on your website this is the perfect way to finish it all off. You do need to do the work below before the workshop date though, don't expect to have a finished website if you've not watched any of the video tutorials, familiarised yourself with the template or organised your content and images per page.

Maximum of 5 members per workshop.

Not available to our Lite plan customers.

What you need to do before the workshop

Have joined Ready Steady Websites on our Website Pro, Membership Site or Combo plan

Be ready with your content (organised by page)

Be ready with your images (organised by page)

Have familiarised yourself with your chosen template and organised your content and images to fit with the template

Have filled out our "Get to know you" form

Have watched our "A Quick Start Guide" video tutorial

Have logged in to your Ready Steady Website and familiarised yourself with the Page Builder

Block out the whole day of the workshop for 100% focus

The structure of the day

10am start

Intro & initial questions

Self-directed content and image loading

Specific guidance from us whenever a question crops up

12pm Lunch

1pm Individual review per person of day's progress

2pm Tech hour: Specific queries on email systems, payment systems etc

3pm Self-directed content and image loading

4pm Review and to do list of remaining items (if any)

5pm finish

The day after the workshop

The subsequent day, Chris will review all websites and connect any systems and put the websites live.

Upcoming dates

Due to Covid-19 our Workshops aren't currently going ahead, sign up below and we'll let you know as soon as we have in-person workshops available again